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Jovens utilizam internet para apresentar ideias de inclusão social para afrodescendentes

Young Latin American / could also contribute to improving the lives of people of African descent in Latin America,,pt,To help disseminate ideas and suggestions,,pt,Citizenship,,pt,and AfroXXI launched,,pt,AfrosInternet,,uz,So far,,pt,the page has already registered,,pt,votes in ten ideas,,pt,The initiative intends to leverage the internet to share and disseminate suggestions and projects for social inclusion and African descent rights guaranteed in Latin America,,pt,The / as interested / as in participating in the initiative can contribute both suggesting ideas and actions that benefit / African descent as the voting and / or commenting on the proposals already presented in #AfrosInternet,,pt. Para ajudar a divulgar ideias e sugestões, Cidadania 2.0 and

September 13, 2012 Award Odair Firmino
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